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Did terrorists who took Syrian military air base today in blinding sandstorm have western satellite support?

"Deja Vu in Northern Syria: Jabhat Al-Nusra Captures the Abu Al-Dhuhour Military Airport" by Leith Fadel, 10 September 2015, reports that the Syrian Al-Qaeda faction “Jabhat Al-Nusra” and their affiliate group “Jund Al-Aqsa”, have captured the north Syria military airbase, "Abu Al-Dhuhour Military Airport, from the Syrian Arab Army and the Al-Daher Hawks Brigade after a long and costly battle for both parties involved." The author of this article, resident in Syria, suspects that these terrorist groups had access to information from western satellites because he finds it inconceivable that, while everyone else in the area was blinded by a sandstorm, the terrorists could somehow still operate effectively.

SYRIA 10 September 2015: The terrorist forces mentioned in Deja Vu in Northern Syria: Jabhat Al-Nusra Captures the Abu Al-Dhuhour Military Airport are taking advantage of a sandstorm that is hitting the area (still ongoing since last Sunday), because the Syrian air force is paralyzed and can't see anything in such storms.

Da'esh is attacking areas to the west of Palmyra as well, where some oil and gas fields are located. So far they have failed, but the Syrian army is fighting both the sandstorm and the zombies of Da'esh.

I have no proof, but I am suspicious that those terrorists of Nusra and Da'esh are receiving instructions from western satellites, where and when and how to attack this or that military base. I can't believe that these people can see their way around in such storm, plan, and conquer new areas while no one else can see more than few meters around themself. Clips from the western fields of Palmyra look as if they are filmed on Mars, with a red atmosphere, yet the terrorists are making miraculous progress in such weather!...

I wasn't born yesterday, and I don't buy the idea of "heavenly support" to these zombies .... unless that support actually came from satellites and western-Israeli-GCC-Turkish intelligence agents and logistic help.

It's a dirty war.

Syrian army and Hezbollah are winning in many areas, but losing in other places. That endless blindness crisis is not going to end until the states that supported the war with funds, weapons, and media, taste the poison they have created and feel the pain they have showered on innocent nations. Turkey, Saudi, Jordan, and Israel will have to pay a big price from their own pockets to wake up and smell the coffee. Bloodshed started in Turkey recently. Unfortunately it won't stop until till it's too late. That's human nature.

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Sydney: US policy maker threatens warlike acts against Russia over ISIS

This whole thing about ISIS smells. All the agonising about bombing its controlled areas in Syria and Iraq, involving Australia, involving others – and still it exists and grows.

Then, Russia intervenes last week in Syria, promising to refit the Syrian army, join with the Syrian air force at its bases – and launch the attacks needed to crush this thing once and for all.

And what is Australia’s response? Opposition. Now it gets worse – and sinister.

For Australia and for our allies, it has from the start all been about removing President Assad from power. They say so.

At a Sydney meeting of the Australia / Israel; Jewish Affairs Council on September 8, Elliott Abrams, a former senior adviser of George Bush and a member of the shadow-government ‘Council For Foreign Relations ‘ (CFR) in the USA, threatened acts of war against Russia. This creature conferred privately with Prime Minister Abbott only the day before. He does not speak alone. Abrams was quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald:

"If we're serious about defeating ISIS, we need to be serious about bringing the Assad regime … to an end."

"You cannot allow an Iranian or Russian veto … We have to reject that. They have no right to dominate the government of Syria and determine Syria's future.

"That's what it would take – a willingness to say to the Russians, 'We're not willing to tolerate barrel bombs slaughtering civilians. So we're willing to destroy the Syrian air force. So you had better not have people at that air base'."

The USA bears the responsibility for bringing on the war against President Assad. Its allies have aided the so-called 'opposition' which has also included Islamists connected to al Qaeda. Russia has also insisted that US allies like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar have also supported ISIS when it suited them too in their war against Assad. Israel may also have trained ISIS. This is filth politics. The idea that these American garbage can lecture the world about Assad, coming up even now with stories about chemical weapons being used by Assad and so on – staggers credibility. This is from the very same people who gave us a war to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

To now threaten Russia as Mr. Abrams did, means that there is something in ISIS we are not meant to find.

Australian nationalists might think better of Russia’s intervention in Syria: let Assad win the war!

Syria plan is 'madness' and won't work: former Bush adviser (8/9/15) | SMH

According to RT recent articles saying that Putin is going to send in militia to help Syria are without source and have not been confirmed by Russia. "An unsourced story originating on an Israeli website claimed Russia was about to deploy significant military assistance to Syria to fight Islamic State. This set the media aflame and had Washington issuing warnings. The story was not only unsourced, but also untrue. But it did reveal how the West frames its illegal war against Syria." The debate below involes Eric Draitser, Danny Makki and Fawaz Gerges on the show Crosstalk.