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Obsessed Brumby jackboots-up 'development' in Victoria

Victorian government laces up its jackboots to transfer wealth from the voters to the property developers. (Australia)

A Place to die

High in the fork of the balding cypress tree, in a record heat wave on January 30th at 3.00pm Melbourne daylight saving time, the female possum was invisible to the people below sheltering from the sun in its sparse shade.

See also: "Victorian Government shows no mercy for fauna and flora in Melbourne's heatwave" of 30 Jan 09.

Andrew Bolt: Why add 1.5 million when Victorian infrastructure can't cope with current population?

Andrew Bolt, who works for the right-wing Murdoch-owned Melbourne Herald Sun newspaper, has political views, which, in many, ways conform well to those of his employer. However, he rightly condemns the ongoing idiocy of the policies of the federal and state governments to encourage population growth when, during the heat wave of the previous days, the infrastructure of Melbourne failed abysmally to meet the needs of Melbourne's current residents. By speaking the truth about population growth and immigration he may well be serving the public far better than many of his 'politically correct' detractors who still won't openly question population growth.

See: "Melbourne is wrecked and full" by Andrew Bolt of 30 Jan 09.

Victorian Government shows no mercy for fauna and flora in Melbourne's heatwave

In the worst run of hot days since 1908 there was NO water available to animals in Melbourne's iconic Treasury Gardens. An observer reported her distress as "parched birds staggered about with beaks open, wings dragging on the ground" with nothing at all to drink. Mind you, this park is right next door to the Victorian Parliament. Our government is absurd and its cruelty and contempt for life systems is becoming legendary.

See also: "A Place to die" of 31 Jan 09, comment The last of our urban wild life of 22 Jan 2011.

Bob Brown on Brown Mountain and Greens Population Policy Wednesday 28 Jan - Report

At a press conference about Brown Mountain today (midday on Wednesday 28 January), Greens Senator, Bob Brown, decried the fact that amateurs are doing work which is a Victorian government responsibility, discovering and documenting endangered wildlife at Brown Mountain. Brown also spoke with confidence on the need for an environmental population policy for Australia.

Growth Areas Authorities - Malignant Growth addiction in Victoria

A new and malignant force has been given authority in Victoria by a government which knows no democratic limits and has no moral authority. It is known as the "Growth Areas Authority". It's loyalty is only to 'stakeholders' and it is there to "* Ensure that development occurs in a coordinated and timely manner." It seems to be without loyalty or obedience to citizens, yet it is paid by the Victorian government with taxes.

The battle for Brown Mountain is on

In 1995, when John Brumby was in opposition, he made a very stirring speech at a forest rally in Melbourne. "... that's what we'll do when we're in government - no more export woodchipping, an industry in the future based on plantations and the proper protection of our high conservation value forests." Unfortunately, it was not true.

Victorian Government now logging last significant stands of old-growth forests

The Wilderness Society has reported that Brown Mountain (old growth forest in East Gippsland) is being logged right now for woodchips to be exported to Japan - the bulldozers moved in last week.

See also: NSW and Victorian Governments accused of having colluded to start controversial logging operations at exactly the same time in "Forest protests limited" in the Bega District News of 28 Oct 08.

Melbourne communities maintain fight against Brumby's tunnel and freeway plans

Up to 1,000 houses are threatened with requisition and Melbourne's Royal Park is threated with destruction in order to build unsustainable road tunnels in inner Melbourne. On Sunday 26 October community groups will protest to prevent this reckless stupidity.

What you can do: attend the rally at 12 noon for a 12:15 pm start on Sunday 26 October 2008 at Flinders Street Railway Station under the Clocks. 
See also:, VCAT "Community Forum highlights problems fixes none" of 17 Oct 08.

The virtual urban-rural water divide

How rural communities and the environment will miss out in Victorian Premier Brumby's privatised water market.

Also published in Weekly Times Now. See also: Transcript of interview with Maude Barlow, Canadian water rights activist on Background Briefing of 12 Oct 08.

Register your community group for 13 Oct dialogue with VCAT

Led by State Government Policy, VCAT has been a force for injustice on matters of democracy, population and planning for years. Join other Victorian Community Groups to talk with VCAT.

Desalination Project Bass Coast - Public Disquiet

"The State Government has [...] turned the EES [Environment Effects Statement] process on its head and undermined the value and integrity of the EES process itself. The process has been
manipulated to achieve a pre-determined outcome [...]"

Victorian state Liberal leader counsels opportunism instead of confronting population growth

Melbourne is groaning with population overload but the leader of the alternative state government will not hear from party members asking for a sensible population approach.

See also: Blame it on Labor, not migration: Baillieu by Paul Austin in the Melbourne Age of 25 Aug 08, City of 8 million 'unliveable' by Cameron Houston and Royce Millar in the Age of 5 Sep 08

Ills of rampant growth presented as virtues by guilty politicians

Mark O'Connor: "Deteriorating circumstances caused by rampant growth are presented as virtues. Expect 40% less water by 2020, citizen, so that newcomers and expanding industries can have more."

Rod Quantock in "First man standing"

Captain Snooze by night, activist and actor by day. Defender of democracy, patron of possums; Rod Quantock is having a great new show in Carlton for one month.

Brumby's call for 'pause' in rate of population growth insufficient

Brumby is helping those at the top-end of town, and will reduce the livability of Victoria, and climate change is being ignored despite the evidence that we are headed for the WORST CASE SCENARIO!

Undermining local democracy: Macedon Ranges: Pork Barelling and other forms of Influence

Macedon Ranges Residents' Group (MRRA) is coping with professional undermining from a similarly named rival association and opponents who are very well funded. Maybe your group is having similar problems?

See original article on

Bass Coast community assembly continues in new location

Bass Coast residents, fighting to prevent their coastline being scarred by a massive privately operated desalination plant, have relocated their community assembly having been evicted by the Victorian Government claiming that the assembly posed safety risks.

See also:

Residents organise against Frankston Bypass

1300 signatures against the Frankston Bypass planned by the Southern and Eastern Integrated Transport Authority (SEITA) have been collected on two petitions from residents of Frankston, on Port Phillip Bay South East of Melbourne.

See also Australian Wildlife Protection Council submission to the SEITA

Victorian treasurer mentions population growth

Victorian treasurer mentions population growth and then tells us the role of governments is not to govern, but to manage the affairs of the state with policy provided by lobbyists.

Resident of former rural Victorian Grenville Shire urges Queenslanders to fight amalgamation

When we were under the Grenville Shire, very ordinary citizens ran it in unison with their fellow residents. Things got done and rates were kept very low despite the fact that Grenville had it's own road maintenance crew and machinery. Since we've fallen under the banner of the Golden Plains Shire, we've had a reduction in some services and unwanted town projects thrust upon us by a shire well out of touch with residents desires.


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