Save Port Phillip Bay

More pro-dredging propaganda from the Herald-Sun

In the middle of the story concerning Blue Wedges' court case to prevent the destruction of Port Phillip, the following was slipped in:

More than 5000 competitors in the world's biggest single triathlon took to the bay yesterday without seeming to suffer any ill-effects from nearby dredging.

The 400m swim leg of the BP Ultimate/BRW Corporate Triathlon was staged off Elwood Beach, about 4km from where the dredger was working.

Race organiser Adele Ormando said there had not been one complaint about bay conditions from competitors.

As if the reported experiences of physically fit competitors in one sporting event in the face of so much other solid scientific and anecdotal evidence should settle the question of whether or not Port Phillip Bay should be dredged. As one example, see the story of 29 February 2008. See also the Blue Wedges web site at .

The story continued:

The dredge continues to comply with safety standards.

Whether or not safety standards are complied with during the course of the ravaging of the pristine marine environment of Port Phillip Bay by the Queen of the Netherlands is hardly likely to be a core concern of opponents of the dredging, but, nevertheless, the inclusion this largely irrelevant fact no doubt serves the purpose of helping Rupert Murdoch's Sun-Herald to put a positive spin on the dredging operation.