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Save Port Phillip Bay

Government and Port of Melbourne should stop secrecy and release all information about channel deepening

Media reports yesterday that the government has received two 'confidential' reports that link channel deepening to coastal erosion in the south of Port Phillip Bay and the loss of Portsea front beach are no surprise to locals or others who have been watching the changes in the south of the Bay since the channel deepening project ended, Sue Pennicuik, Greens MP for Southern Metropolitan Region said today.

Read more: Beach loss linked to dredging -- Reports say wave surges hit Portsea. by Cameron Houston in the Age of 7 July 2013.

Melbourne overpopulation & overdevelopment create conditions for disaster during storm tides and heavy rains

(Click image to see film of storm-tide surge in Frankston on Port Phillip Bay on 26 April 2009, soon after Channel Deepening. There is another film inside article.) Sue Pennicuik (Greens, Victoria) says that analysis of tidal data supports residents' reports of higher Bay tides since channel deepening. But even without higher tides overpopulation has made old conditions more dangerous. Films made by Sheila Newman and including still-footage by James Sinnamon, show very high water in a creek at a time when the tides themselves were not at their highest. What caused the very high levels in the mouth of Kananook Creek, Frankston, were increased volumes of run-off from increased hard surfaces associated with more buildings to accommodate population growth in Frankston, plus the very heavy, tropical style rain on top of the storm-tide. This means that, even without sea-level rise, a king tide could be devastating if it occurs during a similar short period of high rain and wind. Note that the deepening of the channel from the ocean to Port Phillip Bay was done to accommodate much bigger ships justified by projections of greater volumes of trade associated with the bigger populations in Australia as encouraged undemocratically by her state and Federal governments.
ABC TV Stateline 7.30 PM this evening (2 July 10) also has a story on the evidence of higher tides since channel deepening.

Channel Deepening: Auditor General Report figures in question

Port of Melbourne Corporation (PoMC) admitted that only 4% of ships cannot enter or leave Port Phillip Bay fully loaded. (Supplementary EES statement process and the hearings, and Report on Channel Deepening by the Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration released last September) The Auditor General's report relied on a figure of 50% which he told Greens Parliamentarian that he was given by PoMC. Elsewhere the report recommends that the Port of Melbourne Corporation start to collect figures on this.

Larger ship accident risks not accounted for in Channel Deepening business case

The entrance to Port Phillip Bay, is recognized as one of the most difficult and dangerous port entrances world-wide. The often unpredictable cross currents in the entrance, at times exceed rates of 8 knots and flow diagonally across the Great Ship channel in two opposing directions, simultaneously. Frank Hart, former Harbour Master of the port of Western Port and Hastings shows that no account of the entailed risks were included in the business case used by the Victorian Government to justify its unpopular, costly and environmentally destructive channel deepening project.

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Where is the Regulator to protect Port Phillip Bay from rising pollution?

Greens: "Which agency is pursuing the dredging company and the Port of Melbourne for polluting Port Phillip Bay?"

Port of Melbourne Corporation on 'go slow' again with the facts

The Port of Melbourne Corporation (PoMC) appears to be misleading the public about the extent of damage being inflicted by its dredging operations on Port Philip Bay's beautiful underwater environment.

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Dead fish in Yarra should mean a stop to toxic dredging

“The dredging of toxic sediments from the Yarra River should stop until an investigation is carried out into the discovery of dead fish floating in the water at Newport on Saturday”, Victorian state Greens MP, Sue Pennicuik said.

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Who owns Port Phillip Bay?

Victorians need proper representation from their government and journalists need absolute freedom to report. Time to turn off the Corporate Machine. Time to stop Brumby's New Army of developers. Time to slow the monster down, Mr Brumby, Mr Paluka, Mr Pallas. Time to listen to your employers and the owners of the Bay, the Victorian people.

Garrett fiddles whilst primary school children try to save Port Phillip Bay

Whilst former President of the Australian Conservation Foundation Peter Garrett, now Federal Minister against the Environment looks the other way, primary school children petition the Victorian Government to stop the destruction by dredging of the pristine marine environment at Port Phillip Heads.

See also,, "Time to 'count cost' in Bay" (Mornington Peninsula Leader, 7 Apr 08) "Port Phillip Bay dredge protesters fight fines" (Herald Sun, 10 08)

Operation Quarrantine to stop imminent destruction of Port Phillip heads

Operation Quarrantine is organising a land and sea protest on Saturday 5 April to prevent the destruction of the pristine marine environment at Port Phillip heads.

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Protesters defy channel deepening zone The Age, 5 April
Dredging will  kill marine life: Greens SMH, 4 April

More pro-dredging propaganda from the Herald-Sun

Murdoch's Herald Sun puts pro-dredging spin on its coverage of the Blue Wedges court challenge against dredging.

Port Phillip Bay fishermen dispute dredging's clean bill of health

Recreational fisherman Trevor Buck says the claim by the Port of Melbourne Corporation echoed by Murdoch's Herald Sun newspaper "that water is now clearer at Rosebud than before the $1 billion project began" is rubbish.

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Blue Wedges wins delay in dredging of toxic sediment until 20 February

The Port of Melbourne Corporation has agreed at a Federal Court hearing on 6 February to delay the dredging of toxic sediment from the mouth of the Yarra River, and, instead, until after the case is heard in the Federal Court on 20 February, limit its operations to the less damaging dredging of clean sand from the south channel.

Federal Court ruling gives Port Phillip Bay last minute reprieve from destruction

Blue Wedges has won the right to challenge Mr. Garrett's decision to approve the channel deepening project in a full Hearing of the Federal Court on 20th February.

Victorian community environmental group a threat to shipping - US Office of Naval Intelligence

Blue Wedges, which is campaigning to prevent the destruction of the pristine marine environment beneath Port Phillip Bay scheduled to commence as early as Friday 1 February, rejects an assessment by US Naval Intelligence agency which lists their group alongside Somali pirates, Peruvian raiders and Gulf terrorists.

Hasty decision by Garrett to the detriment of Port Phillip Bay says environmental group.

"Victorians, are in shock that the destructive act of channel deepening in Port Phillip Bay has been approved so easily by the Federal Minister for the Environment, Peter Garrett after the considered, prolonged and justified opposition to this project over the past 3+ years by environmentalists" said the President of Sustainable Population Australia's Victorian branch (S.P.A. Vic.) Ms.Jill Quirk.

Victorian Environment Minister fails the Environment

Channel deepening approval by Victorian Environment Minister Gavin Jennings is scandalous. The paltry $100 million bond equals the value of only one day of exports through the Port. Is that how little our Bay is worth? (Read full media release at or read copy here.)

Peter Garrett in the hot-seat over Channel Deepening

The first round in the legal battle to save Port Phillip Bay has Peter Garrett - one time charismatic enviromental hope now Environment Minister and strangely silent - in court to represent the Federal Government's position on the undemocratic, uneconomical and environmentally shocking project to continuously dredge Melbourne's Port Phillip bay.

Blue Wedges take Port of Melbourne deepening to Federal Court

Blue Wedges Coalition is fighting in court tomorrow (Wednesday 5th December) to keep the Boskalis dredge ship, Queen of the Netherlands from beginning work on the channel deepening project early next year. Will the judiciary remember what they are there for and represent the people of Melbourne's rights?

Your help needed to save Port Phillip Bay

Blue Wedges needs money to mount a legal challenge to save the marine wonders beneath the entrance to Port Phillip Bay from the threat of channel dredging.

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