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Protest Friday to save South East Queensland's endangered koala

Details of the Save the Koala protest are:
Time/Date: 11AM sign-in for a 12PM start, Friday, 25 September
Place: Brisbane Square (in front of Treasury Casino)
Contact: saveourkoalas[AT],

See also: "Bald Hills community fights sand mining threat to flood plains and Moreton Bay" of 31 Aug 09,

Appendix: recent comment about Koalas posted to feedback

16 Sep 09 I was just wondering how I could get involved in actively working to protect the Koala. I think it's disgraceful how the situation is being swept under the carpet by the government, who refuse to aknowledge the problem at all. I'd like to know how I can get on board and do something to actually make a change. When a government fails, the responsibility lies then with the community, i feel. Any advice for me would be greatly appreciated, I'm just a concerned citizen who's had just about enough of our beautiful country, our home, and its precious flora and fauna being destroyed at the hands of negligent government. Look forward too hearing from you.


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