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Help needed to expose bogus government kangaroo "science"

Alphadog AnimalArmy Inc ( need to meet a target goal of up to $9000 right now for urgent ACT licenced Ecological studies to expose ACT Government manufactured science and provide a new habitat to release translocated kangaroos.

After many months of dedicated and tireless research and project development, the Alphadog AnimalArmy Inc ACT Kangaroo Translocation project trial proposal is under consideration by the ACT Government. For the past 5 months, Charity Director, Marcus Fillinger has poured his time, money, blood, sweat and tears into the 81 page document submission that will challenge and expose every aspect of the ACT Government’s current questionable, flawed and unsubstantiated approach to kangaroo management.

As it is inevitable that the ACT TAMS Minister will announce another unnecessary kill of ACT kangaroos, your chance to make a real difference is needed right now. As part of Alphadog AnimalArmy’s negotiations with Government about our project submission, we have provided the Government with a variety of potential release sites for translocated kangaroos. These sites need to be Ecologically assessed by a licensed ACT Ecologist – and to that end we need up to $9000 URGENTLY. $3000 will cover a preliminary assessment with another $6000 needed for a comprehensive assessment report.

This must be completed before the TAMS Minister announces a cull – because by then it will be too late.

The TAMS Minister has provided a potential option to have their own Government Ecologists or Government-funded contractor to assess these sites. As we see it, the only logical option is that we provide our own independent licensed assessment. As you can imagine, having the ACT Government do an assessment or commission their own contractor to undertake an assessment is as flawed as their need to kill annually – moreover as they are adamant there is no where for kangaroos to live in the ACT – and that statement came from the office of the ACT Greens Minister!

Your time to help is right now!! We need your donations to make change for kangaroos now and into the future with non-lethal wildlife management in this ever shrinking world. With a variety of other modular components to non-lethal wildlife management to come, Alphadog AnimalArmy have created a mechanism and real world, practical and logical solution that will bring permanent change. After all, this is what we do on a nearly daily basis across the boarder in NSW!

The need for donations also extends to the need for Alphadog AnimalArmy to purchase a rescue vehicle that will provide ease of transport for up to 4 kangaroos at a time.

Your time to act is now, and is simple as donating some money to make sure you can help us provide a future for ACT kangaroos. This year, if kangaroos are being killed in the dead of night in the middle of winter with family units being brutally torn apart and joeys fleeing into the dead of night to die of exposure or predation – remember that you had a chance to do something about it.

Image removed by sender.With logic and ethics on our side, we are presenting translocation as an evidence-based, humane and non-lethal option that will become the future of native wildlife management within the ACT and around the world.

Without your support, kangaroos will continue to face violent and unnecessary deaths at the hands of the ACT Government.

To underline the magnitude of work we are doing for non-lethal wildlife management around the world, we're currently lobbying the Canadian (Ontario) Government to adopt translocation of black bears as opposed to the proposed implementation of a bi-annual cull. Further north, we are assisting with further development of monitoring and relocation practices of polar bears in conjunction with a three-part North Pole expedition series. The expedition series will be undertaken by charity Director Marcus Fillinger and will bring international awareness to the relentless demonization and brutal slaughter of Australia's iconic kangaroos.

Image removed by sender.With ever-shrinking habitats due to the impact of human population and development, native animals around the world will benefit from translocation as the future of responsible, ethical and sustainable wildlife management - ACT kangaroos are no exception.The ACT Kangaroos need your urgent help. Every dollar will count.

Support to other Groups

For those groups or individuals who may be challenging the ACT Government in the court system who may require our specialist knowledge and expertise, we are happy to assist with your arguments pertaining to non-lethal management.

Please donate and forward this email throughout your networks and share via Facebook and Twitter using the links below.

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Kangaroos in Canberra have been killed in their hundreds because they are a danger to threatened grassland species such as sun moths, legless lizards etc. But, when it comes to the wholesale destruction of grasslands for urban development, the silence is deafening! Lightfooted kangaroos are vilified, shot, run over and hated, by pseudo-conservationists, but when it comes to the clearing and destruction of land for housing, it's assumed to be inevitable. and human growth is justified by economic benefits!

Ray Mjadwesh is an ecologist and also a musician in this band - 10th Man.

Galilee, is written by Owen, performed by 10th Man.

The Galilee Basin is where Clive Palmer plans to open up his China First open-cut coal mine. It will destroy up to half of the Bimblebox Nature Reserve affecting the 153 different bird species that call the Bimblebox home, on top of all the other many different species that live here.

If plans by Clive Palmer's Waratah Coal go ahead, the China First open-cut mine will affect about half the Bimblebox Nature Refuge.

In 2011, Palmer's reported response to fears for the black-throated finch was that it "has wings and can fly".

Facebook: 10th Man Galilee