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Frankston asks for help re Green Wedge Protection vs Cr Hampton drastic development motion

Planning Backlash writes: We have an urgent matter in Frankston as Cr Hampton is putting up a Notice of Motion (NOM) at next Tuesday's meeting on 28 January 2020 to reverse Council's decision on the Frankston Green Wedge Management Plan of 14 October 2019 to allow instead industrial expansion in the Green Wedge as well as subdivisions for residential use. See happy outcome here.

2020/NOM 8

Cr Colin Hampton has a NOM at next Tuesday's council meeting in Frankston to reverse the decision on 14 October 2019 on Frankston's Green Wedge Management Plan.

It's a very lengthy NOM which includes allowing expansion of the industrial area into the Frankston's Green Wedge and allowing that ‘areas of land suitable only for grazing agricultural activities in Precinct 2 ... be better utilised for purposes other than agriculture – e.g. for employment or residential uses’.

The lengthy NOM 8 is in next Tuesday's Agenda for OM 1, 2020, Item 14.5, at:

Here is the start of the Notice of Motion:

14.5 2020/NOM8 - Green Wedge Management Plan

On 15 January 2020 Councillor Colin Hampton gave notice of his intention to move the following motion:

1. The authority to write to the Minister for Planning about amending the Frankston
Planning Scheme to include the Frankston Green Wedge Management Plan is
2. Council does not proceed with implementing its Resolution of 14 October 2019
concerning the Frankston Green Wedge Management Plan.

I hope readers will express their opposition as a matter of urgency by sending emails to this effect to Frankston councillors at:



Please stand up and be counted against Mr Hampton's adverse scheme for Frankston Green Wedges.  We live at the top of a truly heavenly series of open landscapes with incomparable views and unique biodiversity (albeit struggling against human overpopulation - which councillors must also resist with all their courage).  We would be insane to further jeopardise this incredible Pacific Island paradise just for a few developers and land-corporation-slash-political parties' short-term gain. God only knows what motivates Mr Hampton. There is nothing I care more about than preserving this area (and the rest of Australia) against overdevelopment and overpopulation.  As a land-systems, enery resources and population sociologist, I have dedicated years to this.task.  No financial gain, no 'jobs project' can possibly justify more urbanisation and industrialisation of Frankston or the Peninsular. If Cr Hampton likes overdevelopment so much, I suggest that Frankston hold a raffle to buy him a one-way ticket to China.