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Linsay Tanner should go and live in Bangladesh if prefers the lifestyle there

If Mr Tanner likes the lifestyles so much, why doesn't he go to Pakistan and stay there?
No one is stopping him.
Just don't try to impose that suffering on us for your ideology, Mr T.

Goodbye, Mr Tanner, good riddance!

With 'leaders' like that, who needs enemies?

It is true that Bangladesh's population is much denser than Australia's, but if Mr Tanner thinks that Bangladeshi soils and rainfalls are comparable to Australia's then he is really dense.

The reason that Bangladesh is so populous is that it is extremely fertile land, with plenty of water. The reason it is overpopulated is because its old steady state population system of clans was destroyed by war and colonisation. That's what Mr Tanner wants to do to Australia.

He has no right.

Australians have the right to self government, like the Bangladeshis, not dictatorship by ignoramuses like Mr Tanner and the fools that run Bangladesh.

Go to Bangladesh and enjoy the scenery, Mr Tanner! Leave us to repair our land.

Source of quote, "Population fear is nonsense: Tanner", by Ari Sharp, November 13, 2009

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Does Lindsay Tanner really judge the validity of a country by how many people can be squeezed in per square kilometer? We are not livestock!

How can Australia be compared to Bangladesh? They are are developing nation that straddles the fertile Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta and is subject to annual monsoon floods and cyclones. It has the largest mangrove forest in the world. Very different from Australia's dry and expansive landscape!

Bangladesh's population growth was among the highest in the world in the 1960s and 1970s, when the country grew from 50 to 90 million, but with the promotion of birth control in the 1980s, the growth rate slowed! If a developing nation can some restraint, surely we in Australia can too. Bangladesh remains a poor, overpopulated, and inefficiently-governed nation.

Perhaps Lindsay Tanner would prefer to live in one of the world's overcrowded and sprawling cities than Australia?

His speech to the Property Council of Australia is evidence that Australia has no optimum population plan, or no policies on growth rates. Population growth is being allowed randomly, in an ad hoc manner, and thus we get these ridiculous statements derived from conflicts of interests.

We need a clear and independent assessment of what our carrying capacity really is.

Our carrying capacity should be assessed by independent ecologists, agriculturalists, climate change analysts and demographers. Such as important issue should not be addressed on desire, or idealism or economics alone. This "vast continent" is deceptive. We are actually a small nation on a large chunk of land, and much of it is not suitable for high density populations due to heat and lack of resources.
The most naive and suicidal thing our governments could do is to assume that our population can be continually grown! Australia's security will be compromised internally, and being dominant species, our ecosystems would be swamped by people wanting "jobs" and "economic benefits" from our environment until there is nothing left to consume!

By Europe correspondent Emma Alberici

Posted 26 minutes ago

The British Government has announced changes to the country's immigration laws that will narrow the number of foreign professionals and students allowed into the country from outside Europe.

In his first speech on immigration since becoming Prime Minister, Gordon Brown said the people of Britain should not be let down by foreign workers undermining local wages, affecting job prospects for their children or limiting whether they can even find housing in their own neighbourhoods.

Britain will no longer accept hospital consultants, civil engineers, aircraft engineers and ship's officers from outside Europe.

Next year, the list will be narrowed further and likely include more engineers, skilled chefs and care workers.

Mr Brown also announced a review of student visas that will consider whether to only allow people into the country if they intend to study graduate courses.

Flannery said that “There was a time when travel was so limited, when trade and people’s experience of others overseas was so limited and where there was no Internet that we actually needed a program like that to foster mutual tolerance. Those days are well and truly gone.” He later said that “The argument that we need a massive immigration program to promote tolerance between people just has no legs”

Mass immigration is an ideology of the past, but the capitalists are hanging on to it for grim death.