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Protestors presave our koalas save our wildlife stop the mt cotton super quarry

Protesters outside Redland Shire Council unfurled 33 metere of signe petitions opposed to the proposed Superquarry which would destroy the local rainforest character of the Mount Cotton community on Wednesday 31 October.

Notice of protest

A 33 metre long petition will be presented to the Redland Shire Council,on Wednesday 31st October at 10am. A media release has gone out,so we need as many people as we can to hold up the petition.the council as we speak, are about to deliver there result, on the destruction of 500 acres of pristine koala and wildlife habitat at Mount Cotton. Mount Cotton is one of the last remaining pockets of the koala coast left in Redlands, and this council must be shown,that we are not going to stand for it anymore. The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) own senior advisor states that 70 hectares will be lost forever. (FOI Geoff Clare EPA). He also states is there a need for this quarry in Redlands? Redlands is the smallest of all shires in South East Queensland and it has six quarries already.

Stop this Barro Grouop Quarry now.

See you all wednesday.