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The Night before Christmas

Santa is feeling the pressure of increased work as population and density of housing in cities increases. He sympathises with the nurses.

‘Twas the night before Christmas and Santa was stressed
His elves overworked but doing their best,
To keep up the good work which grew more and more
To satisfy children entitled by law,
To a visit from Santa on December 24
Down steep sooty chimneys and then out the door.

“There're too many houses and too many toys
To make and distribute to girls and to boys!”
Cried the elves overworked to skin and to bone ,
Stressed out of their brains while they talked on the phone,
Of how to deliver those millions of presents
When the moon on that night would be only a crescent

And since their last trip,10 million new houses
Awaited delivery of toys and of blouses,
They knew from last year the work had expanded
Crafting millions more toys e’er Santa landed
Back at the north pole from his twenty ten orbit,
Which took him so long he was candidly morbid

Crying “How can they ask for more work each year?
Productivity improvements come very dear
To us in our workplace we cannot do better
Please think of our health and do not send letters!
There’s too many of you and too few of us,
Our reindeer hang in there and don’t make a fuss

But when they look for a house and then they find eight.
Poor Santa gets worried as he’s running so late!
Those planners and pollies do not think ahead,
Not even to the night when their kids go to bed
Expecting one man to come to ever more homes
With wonderful trinkets and be-jeweled combs."

"It’s all very well for them and for theirs
I now have to climb all those millions of stairs!
I’m not getting younger and neither are they
But their superannuation will save the day.
Like all those dear nurses, I love what I do
But pressure from others just stuffs me up too.”


Eurus, we call upon the east wind
Notus, we call upon the south wind
Zephyrus, we call upon the west wind
Boreas, we call the north wind
Spirit mother hear thy pagan son
On winter solstice night
Waxing mon reveals a new dawn
(The) dark king transforms to infant light
The cycle of ancient times has begun
Io'Evohe we are reborn
Candlemass brings the (growing) child sun
The triple goddess comes shining down
As witches sing with inspiration
Spiral dancing round and round
The spring equinox rises high
(The) dark maiden returns to us
The woods abound with faery goblins
Pan performs his songs of lust
Rejoice in the beltane sabbat
When lilac performes this magickal night
Naked we leap the sacred fire
And feast upon fruits and violet wine
On the day of summer solstice
The sun king will embrace the litha queen
And perish in the wake of Lughnasad
So may a splendid harvest be reaped
On Mabon we follow the lord of shadows
The empty season is upon us
Lady autumn blows leaves of sadness
Chanting as our offerings turn to dust
Ancestor wraiths ride on Samhain night
To proclaim the mystery of passing
Wearing a death cloak smiles the waning king
Let us see what the future will bring
Death is rebirth
The end brings new beginning
Ever turning
The wheel of the Pagan cycle
Anadia... Klephera... Nuit... Mercury... Hestia...
Horus... Brigit... Vulcan... Aphrodite...
Ea... Isis... Akasha... Io Evohe!

Suggan Buggan
Snowy River Region
Victoria 3885