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North Pole Inc. Bulletin 25.12.2014

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I had trouble keeping up with it a few short years ago ,
But I’m here to tell you all today that I’m still on the go,

I found a way around the fact that “Toys North Pole's" too dear to run
So I globalized activities, outsourced , off-shored and won.

Instead of one big trip each year, I spend nearly all the year in flight,
Placing orders in the Orient in the night and in the light

My emissions rate has risen as the reindeer can’t do this,
I use a jet, its pace is set, orders made just will not miss,

I like to think I’m viable, future proofed and in the black,
My suit is red , my trim is white so don’t give me any flack.

I’m rushed today and in a spin, it’s hard to make things rhyme
It’s all very well for you who sell, but I haven’t any time,

I must away as dawn approaches, westward as my reindeer know
Yes, they do the trip , they do not slip responding well to “Forward ho!’

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