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Video: Marcus Fillinger kangaroo fertility control - AJP Event 5 April 2016

Director of Alphadog AnimalArmy, Marcus Fillinger speaks about his research looking at multiphase kangaroo fertility control, undertaken in collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney. Marcus discusses remote delivery (darting) of contraceptives to kangaroos and the kinds of problems which have arisen where people with little training in marksmanship have targeted kangaroos. he also shows photos of clinical consequences of shooting that has failed to make a clear headshot. Marcus shows a number of rescues via tranquillizer dart and challenges as a myth the idea that you cannot relocate kangaroos because they die of stress etc. This talk was given at an event held by the Animal Justice Party on 5 April 2016 in Canberra. The purpose of the event was to look at government policy towards kangaroos.

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Marcus Filinger talks of the demonising of the kangaroo and how this facilitates and incites ever more cruel treatment by shooters whose handiwork is even more excruciating for their victims because of their dismaying lack of marksmen skills.

Let's go back a few decades and the Tasmanian Tiger or Thylacine was demonised, shot en masse and exterminated. The demonising is an important strategy and is also used with certain groups of people. If you can believe that something or someone is nothing but a pest and has no feelings that matter, the sky's the limit as far inflicting injury and taking life.