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Yemen: Popular resistance has thwarted Saudi attempt to impose puppet ruler

In June 2015, after having traveled through the Middle East RT American reporter Caleb Maupin gave a talk. The 7:45 minute excerpt of his talk embedded below explains succinctly and better than most other material produced since then that I have watched, the war in Yemen. As Caleb shows, the war is between the popular Ansar Allah resistance fighters (mislabeled "Houthis" by the Saudis and the corporate newsmedia) and the invading army of the neighbouring dictatorship of Saudi Arabia.

As explained by Caleb in the e-mail which notified me of this video:

The mainstream media often obscures [the Yemen conflict], or tries to make it sound very complicated.

In reality, the war is not very complex. Saudi Arabia, with the support of the United States, is violating international law and suppressing Yemen's aspirations for democracy and independence.

Another more recent program about Yemen is the Iranian PressTV's Debate: UN's silence on Saudi crimes in Yemen published on Monday 28 August 2017.


Thanks for this, James. Maupin says that the main reason for the war is to stop Yemen nationalising its oil. I think that is true. And he explains it well. This is, I think, what happened to Australia when the Whitlam government attempted to nationalise our energy resources at the time of the first oil shock in 1973. Countries in the Middle East did nationalise, but since then they have been dismantled through externally caused wars.

Report of the Lebanese channel Al-Manar, November 13, 2018.


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