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UK Ministers warned of nuclear 'albatross'

Adapted from article on 29 Feb 2008 in icWales

THE nuclear industry is an economic “basket case” and will continue to be a “financial albatross” for the UK taxpayer, the British Government was warned today.

Labour’s Newport West MP Paul Flynn told the Commons the “immense” cost of cleaning up nuclear waste – which he said was £73 billion – was probably an underestimate. The bill would amount to £3,000 for every family in the country.

At question time he asked why the Government had committed to a new generation of nuclear power stations given the clean-up legacy of current reactors.


Earlier Mr Flynn said: “We learned this week that the already immense cost of £73 billion to clear up the present legacy of nuclear waste is probably an underestimate, and that the taxpayers are likely to have a bill of at least £3,000 for each family.

“The nuclear industry has never paid its own way, it has always been an economic basket case.

“Why are we so committed to future technology of nuclear power when we know that is going to fix a new financial albatross around the necks of taxpayers?”