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Indigenous communities in Peru threatened with mining

Why is Australia helping to plunder Peru? The indigenous people in Peru are being dispossessed of their land by a corrupt government, and the mining companies with their "free trade" agreements are being supported by President Garcia! Mining is polluting the river water at Reque and there are no hospitals or doctors. The Napo river is being poisoned because of gold mining. Cocaine smugglers are also infiltrating this area. Human corruption and greed have no ends!

Indigenous people are up in arms against these multinational companies who want to remove them from their territories, destroy their rainforests and destroy their communities. What about human rights? This is shameful to Australia and APEC. BHP, Rio Tinto and other mining companies should get OUT of Peru1. The people will get NOTHING and the money will go to the president and his corrupt ministers.

The land belongs to the indigenous people, They do not want "civilisation" or to get "integrated" into the economy - and participate in all the anarchy and corruption of Peruvian cities. Nothing is spent on the people of Peru. They have few hospitals, schools, housing, roads, transport and human rights are non-existent. How is Australia dealing with such a country? The indigenous people are willing to die for their land. They are being bribed and extorted to give up and leave, and the government is intimidating their leaders with fabricated "crimes". They have been accused of being "terrorists" but have the right to live in and defend their traditional land.

We should not be taking part in APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)! What about human rights, and the environmental costs of destroying rainforest areas? This is NOT the way to prosperity. This is poison and evil. The indigenous people want their land and to live in peace.

It is shameful that APEC and Australia are making agreements with this corrupt Peruvian government. Money is the root of all evil.

Note: after I read this I did a Google News search to confirm what was written by Vivienne. I found only a small amount about mining in Peru. These stories, inclucing the one listed below, confirm what Vivienne. However, this story seemed to be in contradiction to a 'good news' story, Peruvian forest laws overturned of 29 Aug 08 by Rick Kearns. So I e-mailed Vivienne to ask if, perhaps, her bad news story was dated. She advised me that she got the information from a friend who is from Peru and reads the online newspapers every day. She advised me that "the President in Peru has the ultimate power and can go against congress - like a king. There is no accountability or no-one he has to answer to. He is totally unpopular except for a few richer people and there is no way to get rid of him. ... I don't usually take interest in human concerns as such as I am more interested in animal rights, wildlife and environment, but these indigenous people live in harmony with the environment and are totally innocent of all the corruption and anarchy of Peru. I can't help but feel sympathy for them and the rainforest that is their home! Very concerning. Now the government is trying to frame the leaders for tax evasion(!) ... . They are poisoning the rivers and the dolphins and fish are dying." - JS


1. See Mining giant defends against BHP 5Sep08 in the Herald Sun Asked if possible joint ventures included Simandou iron ore in Guinea, Oyu Tolgoi copper in Mongolia and La Granja copper in Peru, (Rio Tinto CEO) Mr (Tom) Albanese responded that he would consider "anything that provides a positive, value-adding proposition for Rio shareholders."

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