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Demand justice for cruelly treated kangaroos

A terrible thing recently happened at the East Pastoria Wildlife Shelter. Many kangaroos were cruelly killed during a cull authorised by Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning (DELWP). Animals killed included those raised by Chris and Marcus (Shelter Owners) over 15 years and even animals rescued and rehabilitated from the Lancefield DELWP out of control burn. People who have been shocked by these events have have instigated a petition to pressure DELWP to lay cruelty charges. Details of the events are shown in the petition. Please consider sharing this within your network.

Kangaroos must be “culled” for urban sprawl - Article by AWPC Editor

Update: See new article, "AWPC Wildlife Planning Officer says, "Don't cull roos; Plan wildlife corridors!"" A wildlife “consultant” has called for a radical new plan to cull kangaroos along Melbourne’s urban fringe before there is any more housing development.  What’s “radical” about this solution to wildlife?  Due to lack of vision, foresight and planning, it means killing them!

This new “plan” is about caving into the whims of property developers, and the plans of our State government to blow out our urban fringe for more growth-gluttony  and housing.

First published on Australian Wildlife Protection Council website here:

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