Australia First Party's condemnation of Iraq war

The following was part of a by an anonymous contributor. The can be found on the web-site of the . Iraq was invaded in 2003 under the fraudulent pretext that Iraq (and not the united States) was a threat to other counties, because of claims, known to be false, that Iraq had massive hidden stockpiles of "weapons of mass destruction". The fact that the Australia First Party has taken this public stance against this immoral war stands contrary to that Australia First is a racist party. It would further help if the Australia First Party would add it voice to those who are demanding the truth be told about the atrocity. - Editor

Stop the warmongers

The Iraq quagmire deepens.

The ongoing bombings, shootings, rocket attacks, and downing of aircraft by irregular Iraqi forces, fighting against the American led invaders and their puppet administration, are evidence of a classic guerilla war taking hold. Making a country ungovernable is the essence of such warfare, and to ensure victory to its nationalist fighters. This is the lesson from the history of guerrilla war.

Under such a strategy, there is, and will be no end to the resistance, until the moral or physical capitulation of the invader, no matter how long it takes.

And against the tide of nations such as the Dutch, Spanish, Ukranian, etc, withdrawing their troops from this destructive war, John Howard and his Liberal Party cabinet have committed another 400 Australian servicemen and women - folly at its best, and servitude at its worst!

This further commitment exposes the ever present servile psyche in Liberal Party politicians towards foreign interests - solidarity with American warmongers, but inevitably to the cost of ADF personnel, and eventually all Australians.

The legacy of death.

The attack on Iraq, a defenceless, impoverished nation as a result of a decade of American imposed sanctions, is estimated to have led to the deaths of over 120,000 civilians.

The invasion entailed the unprecedented use of personnel, and infrastructure targeting munitions. Not only cluster bombs, many of which still remain to explode through children at play, but by toxic depleted uranium warheads, a pollutant to effect all exposed, and even the as yet unborn. The ultimate environmental nightmare.

The invading forces have laid depleted uranium residue throughout wide areas of the country. Exposure results in radioactive sicknesses, leukaemia and cancers - a pollutant of death. The UN has called for depleted uranium munitions to be banned.

The cleaning up of this toxic waste requires the total removal of ALL material it has contacted, something well beyond the capacity, or interest of military forces in a conflict zone. Normal life cannot exist where it has contaminated.

And yes, the latest deployment of Australians is in an area heavily polluted, where Dutch forces have already experienced widespread radioactive induced sickness. But none of this is of any concern to the Howard/Downer/Hill clique - they repeat the Fraser/Chipp attitude to agent orange in an earlier American war.

Lies, lies and more lies?

The British media expose in May 2005, of a secret UK Government Memo dated July 2002 [eight months before invasion], in which M16 intelligence officers stated that the Americans, despite proclaiming the need for negotiation, had already decided to go to war against Saddam Hussain and the Iraq Socialist Government, and were issuing “fixed” intelligence to support this policy.

Information about biological weapons, weapons of mass destruction and terrorist links to Al-Qaeda were to be used as the basis of this deceit, and the British Government knowingly supported these lies. And how ironic, that Australian Intelligence Officer

Andrew Wilkie, expressed similar sentiments about Howard and his cohorts parroting of the same scenario in the lead up to the war.

Of course, weapons inspectors, before and after the invasion, found no such capacity, or connections.

An investigation is needed to confirm if deliberate deceit of the Australian people has been perpetrated by Liberal Party Politicians, and if confirmed - their fitness for public office.

Lying politicians must be called to account!

War Crimes Tribunal needed.

Under accepted norms between sovereign nations, the Howard Government’s participation in the unprovoked attack on Iraq, that has resulted in such horrific carnage and suffering to the Iraqi people, its land and infrastructure, is a prima facie case for charges of war crimes. The UN has clearly stated this war is illegal, and no mandate for war was ever issued by the Australian people.

For Australians, the enforced participation of the ADF under Howard is a cause of national shame, and angst, that can only be cleansed from the national consciousness by calling to account before a Royal Commission.

In addition, a National Statement of Regret, and extensive material and financial aid to redress the war effects on the Iraqi people, should be considered.

Unless Howard and his cohorts are bought to account for their war acts, Australians and the reputation of our civilisation as a peaceful people will be forever tarnished.

This is an urgent matter for our national self respect.

Behold a people, thro' whose annals runs
No damming stain of falsehood, forced or fraud;
Whose sceptre is the ploughshare - not the sword -
Whose glory lives in harvest-ripening suns!
Where, mid the records of old Rome or Greece

Glows such a tale? Thou canst not answer, Time.
With shield, unsullied by a single crime
With wealth of gold, and still more golden fleece,
Forth stands Australia, in her birth sublime,
The only nation from the womb of peace.

Percy Russell 1880 [The Birth of Australia]


by the Melbourne Branch of
Australia First Party P.O. Box 223, Croydon, 3136. Email: ausfirst[AT]



BP have Destroyed the Gulf and Now They are Destroying the Desert!

BP/gas/mining/cattle interests are conspiring with government (Bureau of Land Management) to uses taxpayer funds in order to control how public lands are managed. The rounding up and destruction of wild mustangs in Nevada is for the Ruby Pipeline (675 million acres for the cost of $3 billion using 42" pipe going from Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah to Oregon) and the 2nd biggest beneficiary of this pipeline is BP. Surprise, surprise!

In 1971 fifty million acres in NV were set aside for the wild mustangs estimated at 2 million at the time - and now they are being exterminated (much like the kangaroos in Australia) by the government. Same old excuses - there are too many of them, they are starving, eating too much grass, drinking too much water, destroying riparian areas, being a threat to themselves and environment etc ad nauseum. Currently mustangs are estimated at 20,000 - but are outnumbered 50:1 by cattle and sheep. Yet these horses have been evolving here for millions of years, it is their birthplace and are not an invasive species to North America at all. As with kangaroos in Australia, officials are closing off access to waterholes to the mustangs so that only livestock can have it.

In May 2008, Canberra 'culled' 514 wild kangaroos
in the way of yet another housing development

The science they used to justify the roundup is the same shoddy science they use for kangaroo killing. And for the same reason - cows and other vested interests! And no oversight on the process.

Tens of millions of taxpayer dollars (75% of BLM's horse budget) is being spent to feed 33,000 horses in corrals that are destined for slaughter.

This is the truth about the horses, their land and how it's been handed over to Big Agriculture (Corporate Cattle Ranches) and Big Oil, all at the expense of the U.S. Tax Payer and in violation of U.S. Federal Law.

It's interesting to see that three out of every four lobbyists who represent oil and gas companies previously worked in the federal government, a proportion that far exceeds the usual revolving-door standards on Capitol Hill, a Washington Post analysis shows.

Key lobbying hires include 18 former members of Congress and dozens of former presidential appointees. For other senior management positions, the industry employs two former directors of the Minerals Management Service , the since-renamed agency that regulates the industry, and several top officials from the Bush White House. Federal inspectors once assigned to monitor oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico have landed jobs with the companies they regulated.

I will never forget the look of total despair on the faces of these wild mustangs when I saw them corralled by the freeway going from NV to CA. It made me feel desperate to free them.....all just so cows and sheep can graze there instead for pennies.

It's an extremely sad issue - and I hope that people who care about wild horses and kangaroos realise that they are contributing to the very industry that is destroying them if they eat cows and sheep.