Carers calling for a better deal this election

Carers Alliance Lead Senate Candidate for Queensland, Felicity Maddison has called upon the new Federal Government to immediately implement a memorandum of understanding for Queensland’s carers.

Confirmed: AWAs are UNfair!

Mark Wooden, leading Australian economist, clarified the role of AWAs beyond any shadow of a doubt. Wooden affirmed that employers enthusiastically embraced AWAs "because they could legally reduce pay and conditions." [Fairness test killing AWAs, PM warned,The Australian, 12 November]

Moreton Bay Threatened by Channel Dredging

Queensland Wildlife Preservation Society calls for Review of the Moreton Bay Marine Park Zoning Plan to consider impacts of dredging on seagrass, which is vital for turtles, dugongs and healthy fisheries.

Liberal Party candidates' "cheat sheets" prepared at taxpayers' expense

If I understand correctly, the Howard Government paid "hundreds of Canberra public servants [to] prepare seat-by-seat 'cheat sheets'" intending to use those cheat sheets to "plan its political advertising." "Thousands of hours ... at taxpayers' expense ... " [Canberra Times, 10 November]

Queensland Democrats Senator calls for direct democracy

Queensland Democrat Senator Andrew Bartlett called for greater protections such as the public right to appeal against the lawfulness of decisions that directly affect them.

So you want to fight global warming? Wear a condom.

"... You can't grow your population by 18% over 17 years and expect as Canada does to cut GHG emissions by 6% over that same period. Tony Blair failed to meet his GHG target for much the same reason. When Australia increased its population by 30% since 1990, its GHG emissions increased by 31%. ..."

African philanthropic population disasters

How could so much go wrong so swiftly? In the 1960s and '70s a strong consensus operated among intellectual leaders in the United States and other developed countries that the best way to help alleviate starvation and poverty in the less developed countries was to assist those poor people to limit their fertility to family sizes truly desired, improving their lives according to the basic social equation, resources divided by population equals the human condition.


Mayor urges protest against population growth at election

The Mayor of Naracoorte and Lucindale in south-east South Australia, Ken Grundy, wants voters in the federal election to write the words "reduce immigration" on the top of the ballot papers, to pressure political parties to restrict population growth.

There is No Sanctuary from Economic Growth

For those who recall the scene when Neville Chamberlain stepped down on the tarmac of London's Heston aerodrome on September 30th of 1938 waving his piece of paper, the announcement by the government of the Canadian province of British Columbia (B.C.) on October 16, 2007 must have seemed like déjà vu. On both occasions, an announcement promising 'peace in our time' (for people or wildlife) was met with jubilant relief from people who wanted to believe that the insatiable appetite of a monster can be appeased with an hors d'oeuvre.

Closing our borders can't mean turning our backs

Whilst measures to stop the current unprecedented global levels of immigration are a necessary precondition to save the world's environment, they can only ever work as stop-gap measures. Unless accompanied by a concerted international effort to redress the inequities, established by colonialism and, in recent decades, exacerbated by the waves of neo-liberal inspired globalising 'reforms', closure of borders of industrialised nations to immigration from Third World nations cannot succeed in the longer term and cannot hope to prevent world-wide environmental calamity.

Liberal Party succession concerns

"Costello, who knowingly made/makes false assertions about Labor front benchers; obstinately refusing to accept objective evidence; arrogantly, rudely shouting over the interviewer; arguing that there's no big difference between 70% and 60%."

Purchase properties for people and koalas

"In a landlord-tenant arrangement, Council could effectively manage koala food trees and through a tenancy agreement, condition restraint of dogs which under Council's current Local Law only applies to properties larger than 2000sq m in koala management areas. "

Mining giant gets free ride from Bligh

Environmental laws don’t apply to mines is the message from Premier Bligh’s promise to pass special laws to override yesterday’s Court decision against Xstrata Coal, said the Greens today.

Growth is OK if it is shared?

Premier Lorne Calvert, New Democratic Party (NDP) Premier of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, in calling an election for November 7, declared that growth was a good thing, so long as it was "shared".

Greenpeace Diesendorf: Carbon emissions reflect population numbers - Reduce immigration

Mark Diesendorf, ex of Australian Conservation Foundation, now speaking for Greenpeace, tells Australians that Greenhouse gases are proportional to population numbers and advises Australia to reduce immigration (which is now more than 50% of population growth) in order to reduce growth in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Queensland Min for Sustainability - prepare for peak oil - demographic, travel, work and living

"I am now in the unique position, as the Minister for Sustainability, Climate Change and Innovation, of having to coordinate a whole-of-government response to my own report."

The Minister is Hon. AI McNamara (Hervey Bay - ALP). The Report is 'Queensland's Vulnerability to Rising Oil Prices'. It includes recommendations for "preparation for demographic and regional changes as Queenslanders change travel, work and living habits in response to rising fuel prices".

Do Greens believe that sufficient water can be found for 1.1 million more South East Queenslanders without the Traveston Dam?

Whilst the Greens commendably oppose the building of the ecologically and socially destructive Traveston dam, their latest media release on the subject astonishingly omits to address Queensland's enforced population growth, which is the principle driver of South East Queensland's water crisis. Given that the Queensland Labor Government ... intends to increase the population of South East Queensland alone by 1.1 million by the year 2026, it is difficult to understand how the Greens can maintain that it is possible to find sufficient water for the additional population without building dams such as the Traveston Dam.

The slippery slide to slave labour

The fight against slavery relied on the fight for decent pay and conditions for every worker. As long as there remain categories of persons who may receive lesser wages and conditions than others the conditions for slavery and conflict are present.

How illegal immigration into the US harms poor US Hispanic citizens

As an argument supposedly for further migration whether legal or illegal they will argue that if middle class US citizens need live-in nannies, cheap fast food and cheap construction cost then they have no moral right to oppose immigration. However, this ignores the fact that it is not ordinary poor Americans who need these supposed 'benefits' from migration. In fact the evidence is that poor Americans, including Hispanic US citizens are gravely harmed by the influx of illegal immigrants.


Orange City Northern distributor benefits from pork barrel

Orange City Council has reaped the benefit of the government's desperate pork barrelling in this phoney election campaign with $10M to complete the Orange Bypass' northern distributor, according to Peter Andren Member for Calare.

New technology won't save us from the population bomb

Researcher Brishen Hoff of Massey, Ontario made some interesting calculations. He found that the benefits of much touted 900 acre solar panel "farm" planned near Sarnia, Ontario would be wiped out by the normal flow of immigrants admitted to Canada in just 22 days.

Population growth:where is the environmentalist community?

When SPA National President Dr. John Coulter responded to ABS figures showing record population growth by denouncing political leaders for continuing to promote such a suicidal policy, he could have used the same speech, with minor editing, to attack Canada's parliamentary leaders. Delete references to water shortages, but add some other insuperable challenges.

Senate Economics Committee pseudo inquiry into Energy Efficiency

Have a look as well at a submission to the so-called, "Senate Economics Committee Inquiry into the National Market Driven Energy Efficiency Target Bill 2007"
which actually addresses the real issues #6 at:

Alice in Wonderland Australian Senate Committee on Regional Affairs and transport jokes about the real agenda

CHAIR (Senator Heffernan) - Do you think they should pump another million and a half people into the area?
Mr Currie - I think they should bring them here!
CHAIR - No, let's be serious. Will the area sustain another million and a half people or not?
Mr Currie - Not without rain it will not.
CHAIR - You know the forecasts. I know the long-term predictions. It is going to get worse
not better.


Pulp mill decision is litmus test for Traveston Dam

The decision to approve Gunns’ pulp mill in Tasmania's Tamar Valley with conditions is an indication of the likely federal response to the Traveston Dam, with both decisions failing to protect the environment, said the Greens today.

Book Review: Immigrants: your country needs them by Philippe Legrain

Some angst was caused in February 2007 when Philippe Legrain (with this book in tow) was featured at Perth Writers Week. The problem was not that a debate on migration was irrelevant to a literary festival but that there was no debate---and that the supposed expert (Legrain) seemed ignorant of Australian conditions.

American Unions and their about-face on Immigration

In his deposition to the Subcommittee on Immigration of the U.S. House of Representatives, delivered on May 24, 2007, Vernon Briggs demonstrated that for more than a century, until the late 1980s, organized labour either directly initiated or strongly supported every legislative effort to restrict immigration or "enforce its policy provisions."

AWAs and non-core promises

As of 6 September, merely 10% of AWAs lodged were vetted for fairness (about 12,700 of 123,000). After four months and (supposedly) 600 additional inspectors, there's a backlog of about 110,000 AWAs to vet, with about new 30,000 AWAs submitted monthly. Some assert it will take 10 months to work-off this backlog.

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The Usufruct Delusion

Society has misused the natural bounty to build up a temporary basis for civilization. It now has a number of predicaments to be faced using the remainder of this bounty. This essay essentially summarises the position established in 'What went wrong? The misdirection of civilization'.

Ground level view of Melbourne 2030 in action

"Nothing is being considered in this terrible process except the accommodation and totally introspective comfort of more and more people."

Victoria, like the rest of Australia, is becoming a concrete desert, reflecting, producing and absorbing heat. Melbourne 2030 and all population growth and development intensification, intensive or sprawl, is a recipe for cooking our planet. We are turning our environment into a frying pan. Please send to smnaesp|AT| your short observations on what is happening around you as our leaders allow democracy and ammenity to be over-ridden by development for the enrichment of a very few.


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