Australia's Nursing Crisis and "WorkChoices"

Across Australia and indeed, the World, the nursing system is in crisis. Around the Globe, there remains a chronic shortage of nurses. This shortage is caused by many factors including cost cutting measures, lack of educational opportunities in universities and collages, diminished opportunity for advancement and the low pay rates of nurses compared to other professions.

On top of the above, the Australian nursing workforce is currently experiencing an attack of unprecedented proportions from the Federal Government in the form of "Workchoices". ...

Liberal Party succession issue irrelevant

Like every thinking compassionate person in this country I desperately want to see the end of both Howard and Costello, but I am dismayed to have learnt that the Federal Labor Party is, yet again, poised to pour millions of their hard-earned advertising dollars in an attempt to, once again, focus voter attention on the Liberal Party leadership succession issue ...

Home dream waning

Australian Bureau of Statistics census data for the federal seat of Lalor, which includes Wyndham, have revealed a staggering increase in the number of households experiencing mortgage stress:  those who are paying more than 30 per cent of their gross income in repayments.

Friends of Noosa's "Dump Labor" campaign punishes the wrong people

If the leaders of the "Friends of Noosa" coalition had learnt anything from recent history, they would understand that their "Dump Labor" campaign, aimed at the Federal Labor Party, which has opposed forced amalgamations from the outset and has fully supported John Howard's legislation to allow Queenslanders to express their views on this issue at the ballot box, will have almost the precise opposite effect to that intended.

Greens and Douglas Shire Mayor to talk on fighting amalgamations

Australian Greens lead Senate candidate for Queensland Larissa Waters will today meet Douglas Shire Council Mayor Mike Berwick to discuss how the Greens can help to overturn the decision to amalgamate local Councils.

Our Brave Redland Shire Council and their Quest!

... Golden Cockerel goes back to Council and asks for an extension to the working hours, 3am-10pm 19hrs a day they cry. They are concerned that the Company cannot make enough profit in 12hr days, six days a week. If the People want cheap Chickens, then that is the price Residents of Mt Cotton must pay for the benefit of us all, and Rightly So! I don't want to pay more for my chicken! Who does? ...

Cate Molloy : Forced council amalgamations planned by Property Council of Australia

Cate Molloy, the former Member for Noosa, today claimed Queensland Premier Peter Beattie's promise to introduce iconic legislation to protect Noosa was nothing more than a scam.

Beattie call for 50 million reflects vested interests

Sustainable Population Australia Media Release, 5 Sep 2007

Queensland Premier Peter Beattie's call yesterday for an Australian population of 50 million echoes those by vested interests of the housing, construction and real estate industries, according to Sustainable Population Australia inc (SPA).

National President of SPA, Dr John Coulter, says that this is not surprising given the very large donations that members of these groups make to political parties.

Cate Molloy calls for slow anti-amalgamation protest convoy to Brisbane

Media Release, 5 Sep 2007

The Independent Candidate for Wide Bay and former Member for Noosa, Cate Molloy, today called on the Friends of Noosa and all others opposed to council amalgamation to undertake a mass protest action that will border on civil disobedience.

"I'm calling on all Sunshine Coast people who oppose amalgamation, including the Friends of Noosa, to join with me in undertaking a unique but very powerful protest that well and truly shake Peter Beattie," Cate Molloy said.

Australian group to halt aviation industry environmental destruction formed

In a significant move to highlight the Australian Government's poor environmental performance, actions have taken place across Australia Sunday Evening Travel Agents selling dirt cheap holiday packages have been used as a target as representitives of the low-cost carriers bussines which is stimulating increasing demand on the environment with no consideration of the emissions produced by cheap, short-haul flights.

We must bury 'economic competence' Big Lie or it will bury us

The myth of the Howard Government's superior ability to manage the Australian economy may prove in this election as in the last to be the Archilles heel of an otherwise damning case against Howard.

Myths of the economic competency of the Howard Government

Five myths of superior economic competence, which has been flogged by the conservative Australian Coalition from the time it first assumed office are demolished by John Hermann of Economic Reform Australia.

Does Anybody Know What Melbourne 2030 Is Producing?

Spiralling land speculation and over-development necessitate a decision being made now. [Potential developments threaten] open potable water catchments, and significant landscape, soil and conservation areas. There isn’t any planning tool available to effectively stop this burgeoning ad hoc development. Multiply the effect across Victoria….

Cate Molloy slams Warren Truss over proposed India Free Trade Agreement

The Southern Cross Independent Candidate for Wide Bay, Cate Molloy, today slammed Warren Truss for reportedly seeking to engage India in a Free Trade Agreement.

Turnbull catapults Gunns' polluting pulp mill into the heart of the Federal Election

Federal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull has made a monumental blunder in giving draft approval to Gunns' polluting pulp mill in the absence of the information he needs to determine whether it was ever even possible to protect the environment from its poisons, Greens' Senator Christine Milne said today.

An upside to the US financial collapse?

"When ... the largest private employer in America, which is Wal-Mart, starts experiencing a shortage of customers, it needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror. About a century ago, Henry Ford realized that his company would only prosper if his own workers earned enough to buy Fords. ..."

'$120 million and counting' spent on 'Work Choices' propaganda

In his speech Faulkner gave the hard facts and numbers behind the Howard Government's use of taxpayers' money to promote itself and its Industrial Relations legislation - legislation, which has changed the very fabric of our society, but which had not even put to electors during the 2004 elections.

Complaints about Melbourne 2030: record of submission to Planning Minister 16-8-07

"People were separated onto tables of about 8 people each and if there was sufficient volume of opinion of a particular aspect of Melbourne’s future on any one table then that idea got up and was promoted to the end distillation of ideas. The underlying assumption however was that growth was inevitable rather than a political decision. The politics and policies of engineering growth remained outside the discussion and slow or no growth were not presented as options."

Howard's paper thin hypocrisy on amalgamations

The Coalition Government has exposed its hypocrisy on council amalgamations with its current attack on the Queensland Government according to Independent Member for Calare, Peter Andren.

Queensland mayors defy dismissal threats to consult their communities

Queensland Premier Peter Beattie and his Local Government Minister Andrew Fraser have forgotten the meaning of the word 'democracy'. Mayors who consult with their own constituents over the question of the abolition of their local governments face instant dismissal. These provisions were added to the legislation which forces many Queensland local councils to amalgamate with neighbouring councils at the last minute when the legislation was rushed through in the early hours of Friday 10 August.

Don't let them stop you from voting! Enrol NOW!

The Howard Government passed legislation that will close the rolls for new voters at 8.00pm on the night the Federal election is called.

Don't let Peter Beattie save John Howard's political hide

Those who have read "The Latham Diaries" will have found startling confirmation of the fact the State Labor Premiers are cynical enough to deliberately damage the electoral prospects of their Federal counterparts in order to better ensure their own survival at the state level.Adapted from an article cross-posted to Online Opinion. Also, see article on webdiary "Peter Beattie bent on destruction of Rudd's chances" by Margo Kingston.

When amalgamations failed

The history of this troubled amalgamation (of Greater Brisbane) and of the "greaterisation" push in the Labor party are fascinating. Whatever the earlier dream, by 1936 the Labor state government had to deal with serious problems in amalgamated Brisbane, as had the earlier Moore government.

Community intervenes to save St Kilda's stranded possums

Community members last week stopped workers installing possum exclusion bands on trees in Catani Gardens Melbourne by occupying the work-site.

Local Government specialist demolishes case for amalgamations

The argument in favour of forced amalgamations has been comprehensively demolished by Professor Brian Dollery of the University of New England ...

Your help needed to prosecute for wildlife massacre in Northern NSW

Two hectares of endangered Swamp Sclerophyll ecological community has been cleared on private property at Dulguigan, near Murwillumbah, in northern NSW. This vegetation was the roosting habitat for about 6,400 (December 2006 count) Grey-headed flying-foxes and Black flying-foxes (both of whom are listed as vulnerable species in NSW), and functioned as a maternity site. Details in body.

Tell of outstanding cases and neglect by government departments. Register, Log in and Write.
Under current law people who harm protected habitat and species are criminals. Yet they almost always go unprosecuted, despite the widespread support for wildlife among the common people of Australia.

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The life story of matter and its attribute, energy

Energy is often defined as ‘the ability to do work’ or ‘the ability to do something useful’. They are very misleading definitions that have contributed substantially to the dire situation that civilization is in today.

Koala Preservation Society warns: Koala endangered in South East Queensland

Deborah Tabart, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Koala Foundation has written to the Queensland Environment Minister (see below) asking the the status of Koalas in the South East Queensland bio-region be upgraded from their current listing of 'vulnerable' to 'endangered' as a result of the alarming recent increase of Koala deaths. Deborah Tabart wrote:

Resident of former rural Victorian Grenville Shire urges Queenslanders to fight amalgamation

When we were under the Grenville Shire, very ordinary citizens ran it in unison with their fellow residents. Things got done and rates were kept very low despite the fact that Grenville had it's own road maintenance crew and machinery. Since we've fallen under the banner of the Golden Plains Shire, we've had a reduction in some services and unwanted town projects thrust upon us by a shire well out of touch with residents desires.

Water or Votes: Victoria vs Howard & the Murray-Darling Basin

Are State/Federal politics over water really about water?

Or are they about votes?

Let's face it; the irrigated parts of the MDB are the most densely populated areas of inland rural Australia and water for irrigators is a handle on a substantial voting population.

Does anyone in power give a dam(n) about water itself?


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