THE UBIQUITOUS RATIONALE OF GROWTHISM Vancouver and Melbourne victimized by the same sophistry

The language of growthism is universal, as are its arguments. A comparison of the sophistry of Vancouver developers and planners with that employed by Premier Brumby of Victoria makes one realize that we are dealing with a ubiquitous rationale. Growth is inevitable, Growth is good, Move over and make room for more and more growth and screw sustainablility because our kids need affordable housing.

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OVERPOPULATION AUSTRALIA 2008 - Surprising admissions in McDonald & Withers latest beat-up for mass worker immigration

Australians are enraged by the undemocratic transformation of every aspect of their landscape, government and society. Does the reader need reminding that a criteria of facism is the close association of governments with big business? We are coming out of the induced euphoria that this is all about multiculturalism to realise it is about exploiting all of us, with no heed to the destruction of our life-support system.

Immigration as the quick fix

Canada can be likened to a sugar addict at one moment low on energy (labour shortage), who then reaches for a candy bar (immigration) and wolfs it down to achieve short term hyperactivity (economic growth). Then the insulin kicks in and there is a crash. So the addiction looks for another immigration rush to keep the high going, until the next crash into lethargy. It is a vicious cycle that won't be broken until the patient thinks in terms of long-term stability and losing demographic weight.

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The World is under attack! by Tim Murray, Canadian activist

There is an attitude that, if the truth is shocking, it might turn people off or make them panic. So public messaging is often toned down to a point where no-one even notices what is being said, and therefore no-one stops the bad stuff happening. This is the way activists are told by professionals and government to serve up difficult reports. But Canadian environmental activist and much loved writer, Tim Murray, has this to say:

Rent gouging threatens Brisbane inner city retail community

Retailers who have, through their own hard work over the past three years, transformed a formerly run-down area of inner-city Paddington are now being driven out by excessive rent increases.

Bartlett calls for Government Inquiry into wool industry bribe allegations

Queensland Senator Andrew Bartlett has called on the federal Labor government to set up a public inquiry into allegations of bribery and intimidation by Australian government and wool industry officials.

New South Wales Greens demand residents have a say in who runs their Councils

With local government elections scheduled for mid-September this year, the state government has been busy sacking councils to try to divert attention away from its Ministers’ relationships with property developers.

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Independent Mayoral candidate calls for root cause of housing unaffordability to be tackled

James Sinnamon, an independent candidate for Lord Mayor of Brisbane, called upon Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to tackle the real cause of housing inflation rather than to apply band-aid measures at the expense of taxpayers.

UK Ministers warned of nuclear 'albatross'

Labour MP Paul Flynn told the House of Commons the “immense” cost of cleaning up nuclear waste – which he said was £73 billion – was probably an underestimate. The bill would amount to £3,000 for every family in the country.

Port Phillip Bay fishermen dispute dredging's clean bill of health

Recreational fisherman Trevor Buck says the claim by the Port of Melbourne Corporation echoed by Murdoch's Herald Sun newspaper "that water is now clearer at Rosebud than before the $1 billion project began" is rubbish.

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Seaweek - Sea World and Seagrass Watching

High School students to monitor threatened marine species in seagrass off Queensland's Gold Coast during Seaweek from 2nd March through 8th March.

Act now to protect Moreton Bay's endangered sea turtles and dugongs!

Please help Moreton Bay's threatened marine wildlife today. Give 5 minutes
of your time to sign this online letter ...

Queensland Premier incurs Courier Mail's wrath for saving Regent Theatre

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh acts out of character in order to save one of the few remaining icons of Queensland's history in Brisbane's CBD.

Rotten donations culture threatens Brisbane

The key ingredients leading to the Wollongong developers donations scandal are all here in Brisbane. Both Queensland Liberal and Labor parties use the developers as cash cows for their election campaigns.

Former Whitlam Government Health Minister says No to Water Fluoridation

Once a proponent of water fluoridation, Dr Doug Everingham, who served as Federal Health Minister in the Whitlam Labor Goverenment from 1972 until 1975, argues against the Queensland Government's plans to force Queenslanders to drink fluoridated water.

See also Qld Health staff doctored tooth decay data used in decision to force fluoridation, comment, NO CHOICE? ... WHY is mass medication mandated.. WHY?, of 6 Oct 2012 by jay mark.

Keep Brisbane liveable - stop the destruction of Kalinga Park

Labor and Liberal plans to bulldoze a beautiful stand of mature hoop pines and gums at the eastern end of Kalinga Park are unacceptable and unnecessary, says Green Candidate for Hamilton Ward, Tristan Peach.

French PM on oil depletion: "the French should not be told stories"

Primeminister Francois Fillon said that behaviour must change because nothing can compensate for the rising cost of petroleum.

Past the time to give precedence to the environment: Garnaut Report

State Premiers must recognise that continued economic growth is not sustainable and give precedence to the environment recognising that the size of the economy is bounded by Nature's ability to sustain it, say conservationists in the wake of the Garnaut Report on Climate Change economic impacts.

Bidding war over extra Council buses reveals desperation to retain power

David White, candidate for the Brisbane City Council ward comments on the last minute efforts by by both Labor and Liberal candidates to sweep years of neglect of Brisbane's Public transport system under the carpet.

Blue Wedges wins delay in dredging of toxic sediment until 20 February

The Port of Melbourne Corporation has agreed at a Federal Court hearing on 6 February to delay the dredging of toxic sediment from the mouth of the Yarra River, and, instead, until after the case is heard in the Federal Court on 20 February, limit its operations to the less damaging dredging of clean sand from the south channel.

What price for City Hall accountability?

Darren Godwell, President, West End Community Association details the spectacular cost blowouts in Lord Mayor Campbell Newman's Hale Street toll bridge project reveals how it was approved by both Labor and Liberal Councillors against the overwhelming wishes of local residents lacking adequate information about the traffic and public transport impacts.

Brisbane City Council plans to shift a "Gympie" to South Brisbane

"City Council proposes to plonk a population equivalent to Gympie's (15,000 - 20,000 people) into South Brisbane, with little of the infrastructure needed to maintain a sound quality of life for such a massive increase in population” says the West End Community Association

Australia and Canada: two demographic bulimics?

Australian poet and writer Mark O’Connor reveals astounding similarities between the dire ecological problems faced by both Canada and Australia.

Overpopulation issue overlooked by US Presidential candidates

Wisconsin's Capital Times newspaper reports that none of the major contendors for the office for the President of the United States are prepared to grapple with the issue of the United State's runaway immigration-driven population growth.

Which is the most idiotic Green Party in the world?

The current state of a competition to establish which amongst the world's Green parties is to be ranked as the most most anti-environmental. A few contenders (but not including the Australian Greens), having sane pro-environmental policies, are disqualified.

The 'aging population' hoax

Brishen Hoff a retired computer programmer and Canadian population stability activist demolishes the same "aging population" bogey that is also used here in Australia to justify remorseless population growth and immigration.


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