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Syrian girl video warns West may intend to start WW3 by support of terrorist insurgents

Syrians despair as chemical weapons, advanced Javelin surface-to-air missiles and depleted uranium rifles have been smuggled in to the 'rebels'. The Syrian government says it now has no choice but to do what it has been deceitfully accused of in the past by the Western newsmedia. It has given the terrorists 24 hours to disarm or else face artillery bombardment in urban areas. This article benefits from the modern-day phenomenon of serious real-life observers reporting via the Internet. Have you heard Syrian Girl yet? She is a major credible independent source on Syria.

NATO plans for dirty tricks in Syria and a global disinformation campaign

According to a report on, at two recent meetings in Qatar and a further meeting in Riyadh, operatives of the Arab dictatorships and NATO met to coordinate a disinformation campaign including interference with satellite broadcasts to conceal a coup against the Syrian Government. As the article notes, the actions proposed, including the planned complicity of the international newsmedia violate intentional law. Nazi German propagandists were tried at Nuremburg for committing similar crimes.

Previously published in Land Destroyer as URGENT: Expose NATO Dirty Tricks in Syria BEFORE They Happen and originally on as NATO preparing vast disinformation campaign on 11 June 2012.
Includes an appendix, War propaganda from Australian newspapers which violate international law.

British journalist set up by insurgents to be killed by Syrian government forces

On 9 June Russia Today reported how Alex Thomson, the Chief Channel 4 News correspondent accused Syrian insurgents of having deliberately set him up to be killed by Assad government forces.

See also: Syrian rebels tried to get reporter killed in anti-Assad propaganda bid of 9 June on RT, VIDEO: US-NATO "Humanitarian Intervention" in Syria: Towards a Regional War? on GRTV- by Michel Chossudovsky of 8 June, New Round of Civilian Massacres: US-UN Maneuvers Against Syria Upon Baseless Activist Hearsay
of 8 June by Tony Cartalucci on Global Research.

Miscellaneous comments from 1 June 2012

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Shameless defence of lying to achieve US/Israeli geo-political goals in Syria

Those who want to know the truth about the recent Houla massacre, blamed by the corporate newsmedia on the Syrian government, should consider these chilling words said in 2005 by Ziad Abdel Nour, a corporate-financier and founder of "Blackhawk Partners" as well as chairman of the Neo-Conservative run "United States Committee for a Free Lebanon" :

Young Syrian patriot fights corporate media lies against her homeland

Syrian Girl Partisan

On the You Tube channel, Mimi al-Laham, an articulate young English-speaking Syrian has taken on the lying corporate and phony left newsmedia which is providing cover for NATO's proxy war against her homeland as they did last year when NATO bombed and invaded Libya. James Corbett[1] has interviewed the Syrian Girl on his Channel. We have also embedded this interview on candobetter.

Carr tries to justify Australian support for NATO war against Syria

Australia's new Foreign Minister Senator Bob Carr continues his predecessor's enthusiastic volunteering of Australia in the Coalition of the Willing, this time against Syria. Between 1991 and now, the Coalition caused the deaths of possibly 1,500,000

Syria -70% vote to end one-party state - why aren't we celebrating?

70 per cent of Syrians voted in referendum to end one party rule and to have elections but have been hit by EU sanctions anyway. Aljazeera reported that no-one would vote, but it seems that a lot did. Basically the world is dividing into an Eastern and Western bloc over this, with Russia and China supporting Syria's right to settle its own affairs and the US and other Anglophone western nations and the EU are looking for a pretext to intervene and threatening crippling sanctions. Further down we might expect EU imposition of a no-fly zone to give them an excuse to invade, as has already happened in Libya. Is the end-objective to isolate Iran for its oil reserves? What's up? Here are some views.

End the Empire

The events of “Arab Spring” have given the United States an opportunity to reevaluate our entire foreign and military policy. That reevaluation has not yet happened, but it must. End the empire!

See also:

The events of “Arab Spring” have given the United States an opportunity to reevaluate our entire foreign and military policy. That reevaluation has not yet happened, but it must.


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