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Obsessed Brumby jackboots-up 'development' in Victoria

Victorian government laces up its jackboots to transfer wealth from the voters to the property developers. (Australia)

India & Australia: Same sickness same old excuse

50 and more years ago, when I was a child, elephants were endangered. Yet this is still being put around as news. Animals still plentiful then are now extinct. Folks, the epidemic of devastation has gone on long enough for us to realise that the 'authorities' are not trying to stop it at all. Governments and big business really want to kill off everything except customers and what they eat. And, if you think this is all being done to bring progress, think again; most people as well as other species are poorer in land than they ever were before.

Courier Mail praises Bligh Government's 'solving' of population-growth-driven water crisis of its own making

Andrew Bolt of Murdoch's Herald Sun newspaper Melbourne in his article "Melbourne is wrecked and full" of 30 January 2009 pointed out to his readers how population growth deliberately encouraged by the Victorian Government in recent years had placed too great a strain on Melbourne's infrastructure, causing it to fail during the recent heat wave.

Yet, the Brisbane Courier Mail newspaper, also owned by Rupert Murdoch, adamantly refuses to question past and future planned population growth ...

See also: "How the growth lobby threatens Australia's future" of 24 Jan 09, "Courier Mail manipulates reporting of water recycling to demand early election" of 5 Jan 09, "Andrew Bolt: Why add 1.5 million when Victorian infrastructure can't cope with current population?" of 31 Jan 09.

Ziggy Switkowski, Population Numbers and Nuclear in the Australian

Some people were surprised to see an article by Ziggy Switkowski in Thursday's Australian newspaper questioning population growth "Populate without perishing" and wonder if an awareness of this issue is finally beginning to permeate the mainstream [press]. Dream on...
See also: "Scanlon report underpins threat to Australian democracy"

Growthist responses to Overloading Australia

Mark O’Connor and Bill Lines’s Overloading Australia has only been out for a short time and the growthists are becoming hysterical. Their arguments are as hopeless as ever. Tim Blair, (Murdoch Press) has even attacked Mark O’Connor for being a marriage celebrant and Brigid Delaney (Fairfax) is wheeling out old-fashioned cultural cringe, iced with neo-Macarthyism.

How the growth lobby threatens Australia's future

Why is it that the Australian government, and other governments, principally in the anglophone world, deliberately encourage population growth when common sense and intuition, not to mention the hard evidence, tell us that a larger population cannot possibly be in the interests of the current inhabitants of this country or of the rest of the planet?

Republished on Eye on Immigration and Online Opinion (in a slightly abridged form) together with forum discussion.

Growth Areas Authorities - Malignant Growth addiction in Victoria

A new and malignant force has been given authority in Victoria by a government which knows no democratic limits and has no moral authority. It is known as the "Growth Areas Authority". It's loyalty is only to 'stakeholders' and it is there to "* Ensure that development occurs in a coordinated and timely manner." It seems to be without loyalty or obedience to citizens, yet it is paid by the Victorian government with taxes.

Courier Mail misreports water recycling to demand early election

On 28 December Queensland's Courier Mail called for early state elections alleging that Anna Bligh's back down before "uninformed agitators" in shelving its plans to introduce water recycling has shown her government to be "timid" and "tired". However, the evidence shows that Bligh's backflip was soundly based. So, what is the real reason for the Courier Mail's own backflip on the question of early elections?

Contents: Why the sudden need for an early election in Queensland?, Courier Mail's misreporting of water recycling issue, Even the Australian sides with the 'uninformed agitators' against the Courier Mail, Courier Mail's misreporting of water recycling no aberration, Courier Mail seeks electoral putsch in Queensland, The Australian's attempt to manipulate the NSW Parliament, What can be done?.
See also: "Reclaim Our Democracy: Boycott Murdoch" (after) 6 June 08 in the Spring Hill Voice, the Spring Hill Voice's Media Page (including a promotion of this article), "Media contempt for facts in NSW electricity privatisation debate" of 18 Sep 08.
The title of this article was originally "Courier Mail manipulates reporting of water recycling to demand early election" - JS, 12 mar 08

Bob Carr's words belied by his record as Premier of NSW

Bob Carr has proved himself capable of making very astute observations about the choices that we face as a nation, particularly in regard to population, ecology and ethics, but his policies as Premier of NSW far more often ran directly counter to those words.

Bad State of the Environment Report Vic conceals agenda

Sounds good but ... The Victorian State of the Environment Report 2008 says that the future cannot be an extension of the past; Australia’s total material requirements more than twice other OECD countries'; Victoria's population growth major driver of environmental degradation. But, go to the end to see that this Report intends to reduce 'consumers' [what happened to 'citizens'?] rights, space and living standards "while also taking advantage of the huge business opportunities presented" by Victoria "Growing Together".

Armistice Day, 90 years on our rights are in jeopardy.

It now seems these sacrifices were in vain, because in Queensland our present government is a dictatorship. One person, Anna Bligh, forcibly medicates us through our water supply with fluoride chemicals and we shall have water that has been sourced from sewerage whether we like it or not.

Queenslanders Against Water Fluoridation media release

What you can do: attend public meeting
Date: Saturday, 15th Nov, 2pm–5pm,at Ahimsa House, 26 Horan St, West End, Brisbane

Property Council population-growth propaganda now a regular feature in Canberra Times

Shouldn't the Canberra Times label as advertising the regular piece by the Property Council of Australia's executive director, Catherine Carter? Isn't there some legal requirement to do so? (Article by Mark O'Connor)

ABC Radio National's Breakfast program attempts to bury debate on immigration reduction

Why does the Courier Mail want to rehabilitate the legacy of the failed Howard Government?

Brisbane's Courier Mail newspaper believes that we should be grateful that Howard left Rudd a budget surplus but is silent about Howard's massive environmental, social, skills, balance of trade deficits and our record domestic debt.

How decades of privatisation has impoverished NSW

Those who recently demanded the privatisation of NSW's electricity assets against the wishes of the NSW public would have us forget how much of NSW's publicly owned wealth has already been privatised and for no apparent benefit for its rightful owners.

See also: "Media contempt for facts in NSW electricity privatisation debate" of 19 Sep 08.

Media contempt for facts in NSW electricity privatisation debate

Analysis of the reporting of electricity privatisation initiatives in New South Wales brings disturbing confirmation that the major Australian newsmedia does not accurately report essential facts on issues of vital concern to us. Indeed, it often acts as a conduit for propaganda against our best interest.

Contents: O'Farrell pilloried, Parliamentary debate ignored, Earlier misreporting: Iemma exhorted to ignore Labor conference, public will, What can be done about this?.

Also published on webdiary.

See also: ABC gives free kick to Iemma, NSW electricity privatisation of 21 Jul 08.

Property Council Flexes its Muscle in Victoria

With state Labor parties under the hammer all over Australia, the Property Council has chosen its moment to put pressure on the weak Brumby Victorian Government to lower stamp duty, even though in the recent Victorian budget, changes were made to lower it.

Media leads drive for Unlivable City of 8 million

On September 5, 2008, Victorian newspaper, The Age, ran an article by Cameron Houston and Royce Millar, under the screaming headline, 'City of 8 million 'unlivable'.

The article reported the latest population projections from the Australia Bureau of Statistics. These frightening projections were reported as if they were actual predictions. The article should have generated a number of printable letters to The Age almost immediately.

Surprisingly, on September 7, no reader responses had been published.

Ills of rampant growth presented as virtues by guilty politicians

Mark O'Connor: "Deteriorating circumstances caused by rampant growth are presented as virtues. Expect 40% less water by 2020, citizen, so that newcomers and expanding industries can have more."

The Nature of Greed

How the culture of more of everything leaves us with no time for anything, anyone, nature or even ourselves. "Greed," writes Tim Murray, "is not just a quest for more money or material things."

Snowy Hydro CEO uses shareholder funds to push privatisation in defiance of shareholder wishes

In spite of the fact that only on 11 July Mike Kelly Federal Labor Member for Eden-Monaro seemingly quashed speculation that the Government was preparing to privatise the Snowy Hydro scheme, two pages of the Snowy corporation's July newsletter was devoted to pushing the case for privatisation.

Canadian media gushes when couple has 18th child

On Saturday July 26th, 2008, in a story that was repeated in many other news outlets, The Canadian Press reported that a Romanian immigrant couple in Abbotsford, British Columbia had their 18th child in 23 years, 13 of whom have been born since they came to Canada in 1990.

See also: Pronatalist Policy in Australia: 1945-2000 of 28 Jun 08 by Sheila Newman

ABC gives free kick to Iemma, NSW electricity privatisation

When Barrie Unsworth complained on Sydney's local ABC radio of the New South Wales Labor Party's efforts to ensure that state Labor parliamentarians vote against the privatisation of NSW's electricity assets - a policy already rejected resoundingly by the electorate in 1999 and currently opposed by 79% of the NSW public - his interviewer Toni Matthews expresssed her total agreement with the former NSW Premier: "Why - It seems obvious to me - Why isn't it obvious to these younger members that you're talking about that they're creating mayhem within the party?"

In Parliament: The Big Victorian BBQ: 1 million too many guests

D. Green, MLA Yan Yean

"(...) it is now expected that the population growth predicted in 2001 is actually going to be here in 2020 rather than in 2030. (...) - it is like 1 million people coming around to your place next Sunday and expecting a sausage at a barbecue."

God! More babies - Pell

I would like to know what, if any, evidence Cardinal Pell actually has for his fears that ruthless commercial forces are out to slow down the birthrate, when all my research tells me the exact opposite.

Emigration as a safety valve for tyrants

The politically correct coverage of the South African anti-immigrant riots by the CBC (and Australia's ABC) fails to consider how the true long term interests of the poor of both South Africa and the countries from which the immigrants come, such as Zimbabwe, may not be best served by unlimited immigration into South Africa.

See also: CBC condemns South African rioters of 25 May 08, Will the great immigration debate take place of 21 May 08

How can GHG emissions be reduced if Australian coal exports are increased?

Economic growth

Australia's contribution to runaway global warming through its accelerating rate of coal exports has been acknowledged in part by the Garnaut report. However, whether this will lead to a reduction, rather than an increase in exports is not yet clear.

The Courier Mail's populist hypocrisy on fuel excises

Why has the Courier Mail in its editorial of 23 June advocated that the Rudd Government adopt Brendan Nelson's proposal to cut fuel excise even though such a measure would deny the Government millions in needed revenue and have negligible effect at the bowser in comparison to the demand-driven rise in the price of oil?


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